Create a Harmonious Home with Yin-Yang Theory

Do you feel overwhelmed with the demands of everyday life? Maybe it’s time to correct the Yin-Yang imbalance in your home.

What is Yin-Yang?

Simply put, Yin and Yang is an ancient Chinese philosophy that says the world is governed by opposing yet complementary energies – the Yin (feminine) and the Yang (masculine). Such energies exist in everything around us and are observable in nature and in our homes.

The feminine energy of Yin means it is passive, soft and relaxed. Think the softness of water or the deep silence of the night. The masculine energy of Yang is active, hard and energetic, like the blazing heat of the sun or the aggressive speed of a racing car. While completely different, the two energies complement each other, and one cannot exist without the other.

This inseparable relationship is represented in the form of the Yin Yang symbol – a circle divided into opposing halves, with one half in black (Yin) and one half in white (Yang). Each half has a small dot of the opposite colour, reflecting the harmonious balance between the two.

How can I use Yin-Yang Theory in my home?

Yin-Yang theory states that an imbalance of such energies in the home can cause sickness, strained relationships and poor mental health. Therefore, creating a harmonious balance in your home is beneficial if you wish to live a healthy and fulfilling life. And as different rooms in your home serve different purposes, each room requires their own Yin-Yang balance.

As a place of rest, your bedroom should favour Yin energy – darkness, stillness and cool temperatures. This is where you should introduce things that are going to help you relax – cosy cushions, blankets and blackout curtains.

Although Yin should be the dominant energy in your bedroom, you can introduce some Yang for balance – think crackling candles or a feature wall. Be careful not to overdo it.